Summer Loneliness

I remember mid-July as a school leader.  I would have completed all of the end-of-year tasks with the school leadership team, reviewed lots of data, started updating handbooks, etc…. maybe even taken a vacation with my family.  I had gotten some very needed “alone time” to find lost items in my office, give my mind a break from the constant interaction of students and staff members.  But as someone who truly cared about the students and staff members, a month or so was enough.  I would get very antsy in mid-July, hoping that staff members would “happen to stop in”, be in the building writing curriculum, etc.  Not that there wasn’t PLENTY of new-school-year-preparation to be done with the leadership team…. I just got to the point where I missed the day-to-day conversations with students and staff members and couldn’t sit still in any more meetings or in front of my computer anymore.  Going into a leadership position, I never anticipated that mid-July loneliness.


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