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Feel Goods, Part II

A couple months ago, I wrote about the rare but precious gems of positive feedback that school leaders receive (see “Feel Goods”).  As someone who now prepares school leaders, teaches research methods within the M.Ed. core, supervises student teachers, and works with a freshman seminar course, these nuggets of support also come infrequently when considering the ever-constant bashing of educators and “overpaid” college professors (anyone look at my paystub lately?)

However, earlier this week, I received an email that really brightened my day.  Bill Bushaw from Phi Delta Kappa International had nominated me for the 2013 Bammy Awards in the category “Education Policy/Research.”  As their website states, “The Bammy Awards is a cross-discipline honor that identifies
and acknowledges the extraordinary work being done across  the entire
education field every day– from teachers, principals and
superintendents, to school nurses, support staff, advocates,
researchers, school custodians, early childhood specialists, education
journalists and parents.  The Bammy Awards were created to help
reverse the negative national narrative that dominates the education
field.”  Further, these awards look to value and celebrate educators in all disciplines in the same way we honor entertainers in this country.  What a concept!  And think of the trickle-down effect of honoring educators this way, which could conceivably change the feelings of efficacy of all educators on a large-scale basis.  Ultimately, teachers’ feelings of efficacy (hence my advocacy in research to value EACH educator, especially those tradionally marginalized and silenced like lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) educators, who by the way, should be able to openly serve as role models for students who are most likely to be targeted by bullies) can directly impact the culture of a school and ultimately the learning environment for our students across the country.

I feel so honored and humbled when I look at the other nominees from across the country and across disciplines.  Here is where I need your help! As
a Bammy Award Nominee, I am also eligible for a second recognition, The
Educator’s Voice Award. This is voted on by my peers! Please help me
out and vote for me by visiting this page. Thank you so very much for your kind support!

And above all, if you don’t wish to vote for me, or even better, if you vote for me and wish to support education in the U.S., vote for other awesome educators nominated for this award.  Honestly, these awards are much bigger than the individual one or two that I can earn.  These awards truly aim to recognize educators in a way that makes them feel as valued as our entertainers do.  It’s that important.  This work is the MOST important in the world.


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