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“Hello, how are you?”

My inspiration this week came from @gcouros’ post on #SAVMP. This post related to the little things school leaders can do and how one seemingly little change can really have an impact on school culture. As I prepared to work as a school leader, I don’t think I realized how important the “little things” were in building relationships with the students and staff.

In my first assistant principal job, I had the *much coveted* duty of checking in all the buses every single morning. The first bus arrived by 6:50am and the last one at 7:25am. Simultaneously, students were driving through the circle to get to their parking lot, which was also a parent drop off point. I was out there, every day, in all weather conditions to make sure everyone was safe in this process.

I did actually grow to love this part of my job. I got to greet students and families every single day with a positive interaction. “Hello, how are you?” or some variation of that statement would be said to everyone who pased me on the cross walk. I could “check in” with some of my regulars (frequent visitors to the office) as they arrived to school to understand how they were that day.

Saying this to everyone, meaning it, and demonstrating appreciation for a response from the student helped me build relationships with students. They knew that I asked because I really cared. If each student can start off with a positive interaction each day, school culture can be impacted in a positive way.



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